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At 5’2”, I’m a little on the small side: vertically challenged, if you will. I’m at the sort of size where you could easily lose me in a crowd, I can’t see over a lot of things, I struggle to reach the milk in the supermarket, etc, etc.
So, when I first started travelling by myself I found it really, really daunting, for various reasons; language barriers can be scary, culture shock is a really real thing, and (as you may have guessed by the title) I tend to lose my way a fair amount of the time.

But I’ve stuck with it, and am now proud to say I have been to 18 countries at the ripe old age of twenty, including Uganda, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, and Denmark – and have pretty much got lost in them all. I am slowly adding to this list – as much as my limited funds allow – and will be posting practical travel advice as I go.

I love languages, something which I only discovered while at University. This was mainly thanks to me picking to learn Swahili as an outside module in my first year (and I am not going to lie, this was more or less due to the fact that they were handing out donuts at the academic fair), and have gone on to learn Spanish, and am now learning Italian. Read through my tips, tricks, and stories, and feel free to message me about any further advice you need!

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