The Freetown of Christiana

The Freetown is the exquisite antithesis of everything in the regal Kobenhavn H; its sprawling and surreal beauty is all the more strange given the stark contrast of this free-spirited commune and the more conventional city centre. In Winter, with snow on the ground, this Freetown feels especially ethereal - a city perhaps best suited... Continue Reading →

Planning a Trip

Deciding to go on your first big trip can be really, really scary. I remember being confused about so many things; what even is a visa, how do I get one, what do you mean they don’t have the NHS in other countries, etc, etc.  Planning your first trip is always a learning curve -... Continue Reading →


Love the planet? Also love seeing the planet, but don’t know how to do both? Here are some tips for keeping your carbon footprint low while you travel, reducing waste and keeping the planet happy! 1. Litter Okay, so this seems like an obvious one. And if you are going to developed countries, it really... Continue Reading →

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